Ireland Without the 8th

What would Ireland look like without the 8th?


What will happen in the days and weeks after a yes vote?

We need look no further than Britain. What was once described as "abortion in limited circumstances" when introduced has now become an everyday normality with over 200,000 abortions per year.

Let’s talk about what
repeal will mean

It’s not about “limited availibility” it’s not about abortion in “hard cases” repeal will allow abortion for any reason in the first 3 months of pregnancy.

But will it end there?

The Abortion Rights Campaign repeatedly say they are against any time limits on abortion. They believe abortion-on-demand is a right no matter what stage of pregnancy.

What is sold as limited availability, soon develops into an abortion culture. Because there is no such thing as limited abortion.

The 8th Amendment is the only protection we have to stop this from happening here.

Some politicians want abortion available until 24 weeks. And some want to go even further. 

How long before 12 weeks — becomes 24  — which then becomes 40?


So please. Vote no.


If we repeal the 8th Amendment abortion in Ireland
will BE ANYTHING bUT rare

In Britain, 1 in every 5 pregnancies end in abortion. Almost 100% of these are elective abortions of perfectly healthy unborn babies. These are the facts. It is telling that the government wish to obscure them. 

The only way we can be sure this won’t happen here is to vote no.

Look More Closely...

 Safe, legal, and rare?

After the referendum, new legislation would be passed to offer unrestricted abortion in Ireland. What do our politicians want the new laws to look like?

Foreign influences

The govt. say that by legalising abortion, we can end the ‘Irish solution to an Irish problem’ and start dealing with the issue of abortion ourselves.


creating a second class
of citizen

What’s the difference between Iceland and Ireland? 

In Iceland, over the past 5 years, 100% of pregnancies where Down Syndrome was diagnosed ended in abortion. 

That’s right. One-hundred-percent. 

In Denmark, that figure is 98%. In Britain and Germany it’s 90%. What do you want it to be in Ireland?

Abortion-on-demand has clear results for people with down syndrome because abortion discriminates.

It creates a second class of citizen. If we vote to repeal, abortion will be legal in cases of Down Syndrome up until birth.

That would be a national shame.

Look More Closely...

Repeal + Down Syndrome

What will repeal mean for Down Syndrome in Ireland?


Another grim reality of repeal.


Cosmetic Disabilities 

It’s not just life-altering disabilities which are leading to increased rates of abortion in Britain and elsewhere. Even babies with minor cosmetic disabilities such as cleft lips and palates are increasingly being targeted.

In 2016, rates of abortions for babies with minor facial deformities had nearly tripled in just 5 years. According to Lord Shinkwin, a disabled politician fighting to change Britain’s abortion culture, the laws have become a “licence to kill for the crime of being disabled.”


Welcoming in the abortion industry

Abortion is not just the big issue of our generation: it’s big business too.

International abortion providers generate billions in profits by promoting abortion not as a last resort, but as a first option.

Because for them, all pregnant women are potential customers.

The 8th Amendment prevents this culture from developing here. In Ireland, the question we ask a pregnant woman is:

“How can I help?” not “Are you going to keep it?” 

By contrast in Britain, the abortion provider Marie Stopes has repeatedly been involved in scandals for failing to properly inform women about their choices.

They have even paid staff performance bonuses for encouraging women to have abortions.

In the US, abortion providers have fought hard against restrictions on abortions in cases of Down Syndrome, so committed are they to increasing their bottom line.

If the 8th Amendment is repealed, Ireland will be just another market for the abortion industry. 

Do you want that here?

Look More Closely...

Profits before people

We've been told very little about how abortions will actually be performed here despite the far reaching effects.

Big Abortion

Big Oil, Big Tobacco, Big Pharma, Big Abortion – you don’t trust the first three. So consider the fourth.



The 8th Amendment ensures that ALL lives are valued, not just some.

Without the 8th Amendment, the abortion culture which has become a normality elsewhere will develop here.

Abortion will not be used as a last resort, but as a first option.

Disabled people will be targeted and abortion will become common even for cosmetic disabilities.

The international abortion industry will become part of Irish healthcare with devastating effects for women and babies.

Abortion ends a human life. This fact can’t be avoided.

We ask you to please #VoteNo